Descriptions of documents and acts on destruction

As a result of appraisal documents employees Archival Service Western Ukrainian Audit Company description documents are continuous and long shelf life and act on selection for the destruction of documents that can not be stored.

Selecting documents for destruction and drafting of this Act made ​​after preparing the description cases continuous and long term storage for the same period. Acts About allocation of documents for destruction, not to be stored are considered at meetings of the expert committee of the enterprise together with the descriptions of cases. In archival institutions, transmitting documents for state storage manager approved archival institution after approval of descriptions cases continuous storage respective EPA State Archives.

Afterapproval of act on selection documents for destruction employees record keeping services or archival unit enterprise rent indicated documents in service of economic enterprise or enterprises specialized in storing recycled.

Works of continuous and long shelf life subject to next design:

filing in cover of hard cardboard, numbers letters in the case;
drafting the final text box;
drafting (if necessary) describing the internal documents;
cover design of the case.

Documents temporary shelf formed in cases not filed, letters are not numbered, elements of cover does not specify.

After  record keeping in  text box to cover cases of permanent and long shelf life make the necessary clarifications, check Match cases to cover the contents of document filing. Descriptions of cases are within a few years with a single continuous numbering of cases. Cases each year is an annual part description. Descriptions  cases of structural units is  basis for the annual summary section describing cases in which the institution of  case transfer to storage in state archives. Summary description of the continuous period of storage establishment is in 4 copies and be approved in the state archives.

For approval to state archive, staff Archival Service Western Ukrainian Audit Company sent all four copies of descriptions, one of whom leave after allegations in the state archives, and other return business. According to  approved description of  obligation to transfer  case to the state archive in a timely manner. Summary description for an extended shelf life up in duplicate and processed as well as the descriptions in the case of permanent storage. Description for an extended period of storage is not approved by the State Archives.

Completedkeeping things continuous and long term storage with log control cards accounts on documents sent to the archive department of enterprise within two years after their registration in office (for example, the case of 2004 transferred to the archive department in 2007). Interim period of storage in archival transfer unit on discretion of the head.

Destruction of documents without prior approval of descriptions cases continuous storage, violation of set list of terms storage of documents and willful destruction, damage or concealment of official or private documents are illegal and entail liability under the current administrative and criminal legislation of Ukraine.