Activities PE "ZUAK" aims to provide comprehensive services in the field of archiving and document management, which is an integral part of any business.

Properly organized workflow, processing, organization and accounting documents and their competent use and storage - a pledge of peaceful existence.

With 15 years of experience, PE "ZUAK" provides the following professional services:

archival processing of documents, archival descriptions;
ordering and organizing documents;
peer review documents, the work in the expert Commission (EC);
Binding (including numbering);
destruction of documents (including submission of at Paper Mill);
archiving documents with the issuance of copies of documents;
submission of documents to the archive.
PE "ZUAK" - reliable assistant manager, accountant and personnel officer that save time and get high quality work for a reasonable price.

Pocluhy provided under the signed contract - the text of the agreement.

Consultations about the contract, please call:

(032) 2393466 or (067) 7131644, (050) 4141644