Archival processing of documents

Each enterprise, institution or organization for the period of their activity “born” documents that record their activities, relationships with partners and contractors, domestic employment, the state. Definetely, state should clearly regulate the rules of archiving, storage and destruction of documents. One of the main legislation is the Law of Ukraine on December 24, 1993 № 3814-XII “On National Archival Fond and Archival Institutions”

Typical administrative documents generated in  activities of organizations, with indication  shelf life sets forth  regulations and other legal acts of Ukraine, current regulations and manuals of appraisal documents and acquisition  archives in Ukraine.

The list includes documents generated by documenting similar (common to all) management functions performed by institutions, organizations and enterprises, regardless of functional purpose, level and scope of ownership.

Work archivist organize documents – handle properly according to law documents your company or organization. Refine documents with fugitive shelf life for their destruction right to issue documents on their disposal. Lodging and prepare descriptions and documents, other documents on  basis of  enterprise, organization and arrangement of all records for checking and expert and Inspection Commission.

We offer:

make a comprehensive survey of the condition and availability of documents in  archives with making  act of test results;
to review the scientific and practical value of archival records to selection  documents from cases to establish  terms of their storage;
organize any kind of documents, including banking, accounting, scientific, technical, personnel and  the other;
processing of cases for personnel, administrative records of permanent and long shelf life, which has considerable value;
preparation  inventories of archival files (documents);
formation and execution  range  cases of permanent and temporary storage for  company and its divisions;
allocation  cases to  destruction with making  act;
organize documents in archival cover;

processing and transmission  documents deposited in  reorganization and liquidation;
transfer documents predpryya

You get:

ordered according to  law archive, strict accounting especially valuable documents on their core business and personnel;
Economy seats (trimmed and bound documents are up to 50% less space);
store archives in our stores;
reduce time to find and work with relevant documents;
Recovery of particularly valuable information from documents that were available;
able to transfer documents on state store.