Recovery and production accounting

Specialists of Western Ukrainian Auditors Company will conduct rapid analysis of current state your business and help properly organize staging and recovery accounting, which involves performing several tasks:

development and adoption of accounting policy for accounting purposes and taxation according to specifics of your business
organization and optimum design documents and source documents (including backup documentation)
preparation of work plan accounts synthetic and analytical accounting required for accounting in accordance with  requirements of timeliness and completeness accounting and reporting
of personnel policy and enterprise development domestic laws and efficient documentation (preparation staffing, orders, etc.).
automation of accounting and taxation
other decisions necessary for efficient operation of your organization

After rapid analysis of your business we will help find and configure the software will form an effective accounting policies, organize optimal system documentation, develop optimal operating chart of accounts, create clear scheme of accounting entries, define the necessary forms for primary documents, accounting records, financial statements, give recommendations on technology  processing of accounting and reporting.

This service will be particularly interesting recently created organizations as the better organize accounting from the outset, the less problems will occur with further development.

Statement of accounting as possible in integrated approach to accounting systems and in some areas. Suffice it once properly organized accounting to further prevent the occurrence systematic errors that affect  financial performance of your company.