The purpose of the audit is to express professional opinion on the audit of the reliability of the accounting (financial statements) for the year and the compliance system used accounting applicable law.
The result of PE "ZUAK" - the auditor's opinion and report (written confidential information) that is fully compliant with the Law of Ukraine "On Auditing" and the International Standards on Auditing. The auditor's report issued by a professional accounting firm, gives you confidence in its reliability and increases trust external users of financial statements to your business.
PE "ZUAK" provides the following audit services:
- Statutory audit (elimination of SAP, reporting to the SEC, privatization, etc.)
- Proactive audits (tax, ongoing maintenance, questioned the account);
- Audit (transformation) statements of companies prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards;
- Agreed procedures, an audit by a special task;
- Consulting and Tax, examination of tax regulations;
- Business consulting services (administration) of the business organization.
PE "ZUAK" included in the register of audit firms and auditors number 3709 for UBA in February 2006 (at the UBA The company is a member of the Union audytorov Ukraine.
Pocluhy provided under the signed contract - the text of the agreement.
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