Litigious representation

Western- Ukrainian Audit Company provides legal services to protect customer interests in commercial, administrative and civil courts for:
– Economic disputes
– Tax dispute
– Labor disputes
– exaction of determinate debts

List and cost of  services representation in economic and administrative courts may include:

1. Examination of documents
Survey conducted for  presence needed for the trial documents, correctness of their design and  assess the prospects of resolving  case in court. Term: up to 5 business days.
2. Preparation and submission  an application to court
– Drawing up action
– Managing collection of evidence
– Submission  an application with the required documents by mail or wrist
– Calculation of state tax and other payments
– Proper notice of  defendant
Term: up to 7 business days.

3. Participation in trials
Includes preparation for hearings and participated in the trial.
4. Enforcement
Date: from 2 months

Performance of services solely on a contractual basis …!

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