Open the business in Poland or the EU seeking more and more businessmen from Ukraine. Even with the growing potential of Poland as an EU member, entrepreneurs of Ukraine still afraid to enter the Polish and European market, fearing the risks associated with the cultural and legal differences between Poland and the EU.
PE "ZUAK" Warsaw and our partners - law firm in Poland, offering comprehensive legal services for companies, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish without intermediaries. Our partners in Warsaw are members of the Lawyers Chamber of Poland.
    That is why our company addresses a significant number of Ukrainian entrepreneurs because we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services for Polish-Ukrainian transactions. Our participation as auditors in the preparation and transmission of documents does not increase the cost of services for you as a guarantee the accuracy of all procedures in the EU.
- Registration Ltd. in Poland
- Visa support for travel to Poland and the EU
- Search for business partners in Poland and the EU
- Registration of entrepreneurs in Poland
- Residence permit in Poland
- Acquisition of real estate in Poland
Pocluhy provided under the signed contract - treaty text .
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