Expert appraisal valuables of documents

At regulations documents of  enterprises is the most difficult work package by definition of  documents to be taking in  archive. The composition of archival documents  an enterprise is determined by examination of their values ​​and refine stock accessories.
Just in  process of appraisal documents the formation  an enterprise archive.
The objectives of appraisal documents are:

determination of company documents that contain valuable information and  subject to selection and transfer of archival enterprise, and state archives for permanent storage;
determination of temporary expiration date of documents that have practical or reference significance during certain period;

allocation for  destruction of company documents with expiration.

Appraisal value of company documents based on traditional norm (science based evidence,which reason admeasure degree of documents value) to form in archival practice.The main principle in  selection of documents is comprehensive and reflection activity of fundation. When conducting appraisal documents and selecting them for permanent storage should be guided by criteria of origin, content, external features of  document.

In conducting the examination must pay particular attention to documents relating to  initial formation of the company, when laid foundations of its activities, and documentation was minimal. Also require careful selection of documents in period of reorganization (the change of functions), liquidation, since these periods often take place partial loss of documents. Should carefully match the selection of documents territorial if they  included in a single fund that allow fully reflect the activities of the company.


To norm  content validity of  information document include the document, its uniqueness, typical document. The greatest value among the documents that formed in  activities of  organization are documents that reflect the core activities of whole enterprise and its business units

One of the criterion activity is  functional importance of  target company, resultant is created documents that status. The value of documents is determined by taking into account as much as a company and its typical nature of  system  power and control.

Another group of documents has auxiliary character, much of which is  primary accounting documents, documents on supply companies, domestic and administrative  economic qestions.

In conducting the examination must also take into account the significance of the events reflected in the documents of  company.

Permanent storage of selected documents in which information is recorded in the most generalized form, for example, reports, records, information based on primary documents. However, the absence of such materials in storage can be provided to primary documents such as reports, certificates, information from business units. The specific type of document assumes a certain level of information contained in them, so the most interesting regulatory documents (regulations, orders, etc..) Protocols collective bodies, future plans and programs, reports and analytical information.
For  full and complete reflection of  company in  formation of its archival fund requires a complete application criteria appraisal documents.