Our company provides full service accounting and submission of financial and tax reporting, a newly created or existing companies and small and medium businesses. The quality of service provided by continuous monitoring by experts of our company for the correct display of business operations and timely submission of reports, in strict accordance with current legislation of Ukraine. In addition, our customers can always get detailed advice on all aspects of accounting or construction of certain business transactions.
This service will be of interest to entrepreneurs wishing to provide yourself and your company from the mistakes of incompetent staff and keeping their transfer accounting professionals.
Accounting services offered by us includes the following services:
- Formation of accounting policy for the purposes of accounting and taxation
- Processing and systematization of primary documents
- Displaying information in monetary terms of assets, liabilities organizations and their movement on the basis of primary documents in accounting registers
- Compilation of reporting accounting registers
- Preparation and submission of financial statements, tax returns to authorities DFS, extra-budgetary funds (Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund), statistics agencies
- Consulting in the field of taxation and accounting
- Related accounting services
Pocluhy provided under the signed contract - the text of the agreement.
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