Statutory audit

Inclusion in the annual accounts audit report deals with many companies. Do not wait until a suitable term deposit balance. First, we suggest to understand if you need mandatory auditing.
Mandatory annual audit of financial statements subject to the following organizations:
• public companies;
• credit institutions;
• Credit Bureau;
• organizations that are professional securities market participants;
• insurance companies;
• mutual insurance societies;
• clearing organizations;
• commodity, currency and stock exchanges;
• joint investment funds;
• private  retirement  fund;
• other assets;
• Company stock investment funds, mutual funds or retirement funds (excluding state extra-budgetary funds)

Once you have decided, subject to mandatory audits, contact the Western Ukrainian Audit Company. Benefits of our services are primarily in their quality, optimum price and terms of work, full confidentiality.

Upon completion we provide all the relevant documents – the auditor’s report on the results of  audit, a detailed report for the client and information manager on the results of audit.

Performance of services solely on a contractual basis …!
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