Accounting forentity and individuals

Our company provides a full range  services from accounting , deposit accounting and tax reporting, as newly created or already existing companies , small and medium businesses. High quality service provided by continuous monitoring  specialists of our company to correct display of business transactions and delivery  timely reporting in strict accordance with  laws of Ukraine. In addition, our customers can always get detailed advice on all aspects of accounting or construction to certain business transactions.
Benefits of accounting services:

  1. Value of our service offerings include all costs
  2. No payroll accountant
  3. There are no costs for furniture and office equipment
  4. No need to purchase expensive accounting software, legal framework and spend money on their service
  5. You do not have to spend money on training accountant
  6. Our employees are constantly trained and certified, which guarantees high quality of your records,  efficiency and confidentiality
  7. Maximum relief from problems associated with communication with off-budget funds and tax authorities
  8. No need for additional consultations

We offer accounting services includes the following services:

  • Formation of accounting policy for accounting purposes and tax
  • Processing and systematization of primary documents
  • Reflect  information in terms of money on the property, obligation of  organization and their movement on the basis  source documents in accounting registers
  • Drafting of accounting ledgers
  • Preparation and submission of financial statements, tax returns to tax offices, off-budget funds (pension fund, social security), statistical agencies
  • Advice in taxation and accounting
  • Related accounting services

This service will be  interest to entrepreneurs who wish to provide yourself and own business from  mistakes  incompetent employees and transfer of your accounting professionals.
Outsourcing, legal and accounting services business, companies, enterprises, PE, LLC, organizations, other entities in Lviv and complex accounting and tax firm providing support Western-Ukrainian Audit Company.
Accounting can be arranged  in all forms and accounts, and on its individual areas or sections, for example, the payments of salaries, accounting for fixed assets (this service may be required if your organization has separate warehouses or affiliates, separate from central office) and others.