PE "ZUAK" for over 17 years providing legal services related auditing. First of all, the resolution of tax and other economic disputes, including representation of the customer in tax and other government agencies as well as commercial and other organizations, and pre-judicial settlement of disputes, legal and audit support of business, financial and economic activity entities and many other legal services.

The greatest success of our company has made in tax disputes.

Our experts - auditors and lawyers, well-known accounting, with extensive experience in representing the interests of administrative and economic courts in disputes related to the invalidation of the decision of the tax authorities, the return of overpaid taxes, VAT refund, validity expenses disputing claims , actions and inaction of the tax authorities. We also charge a tax of costs and expenses related to the cost of services of our representatives.

PE "ZUAK" provides the following legal services:

turnkey registration of enterprises and entrepreneurs;
liquidation of companies, associations and entrepreneurs;
MEDIATION court settlement of disputes;
centralized personnel department, personnel records management;
legal audit of customer transactions and business operations;
Customer representation in the bodies of DPS, courts and before contractors;
information and legal support (including remote access to their databases).
Pocluhy provided under the signed contract - the text of the agreement.

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